Horse Stable Design

The design of buildings is not just catering for the needs of people – for this project we needed to consider thinking of animals:in this instance horses – their care and employment is equally as important. Submissions such as these stables are an uncommon example how the building demonstrates capability – shifting the focus to that of commercial diversification; making effective business opportunities – a move beyond just people. New workplace practices, effective passive solar principles such as the vaulted cross-flow ventilation deliver an abundance of natural internal light; an environment without congestion. Health and fire safety become important issues effectively dealt with, particularly with horses. All very similar and yes sensitive demands enjoyed by us humans.
The building form enjoys historic stable reminders, yet has a robust modern style for today. In this regard the building becomes the showcase allowing the owners: horse training, agistment, and exhibition capabilities to be demonstrated; moreover, be part of today’s regional business environment.