Designing: Houses/Apartments/Group Dwellings/Offices/Showrooms/Warehouse/Ancillary/Mixed Use/Self Storage

Designing with Heritage

Designing Commercial – WA Limestone

Our company demonstrates the importance of design engagement, such as: through landscape – a sense of place, delivering workplace and leisure opportunities. Submissions such as this office shift the focus to that of value added; making effective re-use of existing facilities and employing new workplace practices without embodied energy loss. Effective passive solar principles such […]

Designing in Mount Lawley – Mixed Use Development


Designing Stables

The design of buildings is not just catering for the needs of people – for this project we needed to consider thinking of animals:in this instance horses – their care and employment is equally as important. Submissions such as these stables are an uncommon example how the building demonstrates capability – shifting the focus to […]

Designing Something Special


Conceptual Design to Built Form

Placemaking Design